Dark Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King – Burnt Ivory King boss battle

By Staff
1 October 2014 00:09 GMT

Enter the Grand Cathedral, work through the Old Chaos and confront the Burnt Ivory King.

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Dark Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King – Burnt Ivory King boss battle

Grand Cathedral

At the end of the hallway you’ll find the Grand Cathedral bonfire. Go up the stairs and open the door where you’ll see a frozen chest. Down the red carpet you’ll come to an elevated area, where you meet Alsanna.

Help her and all the frozen objects, enemies and chests will thaw.

you have a choice here. In the room ahead is the path to The Old Chaos and the final boss battle. At this point you have one Knight of Eleum Loyce who can help you, and there’s a summon sign for one more ally.

But if you retrace your steps (and use our guide) you’ll now be able to find three more Knights to help in the final battle. It’s possible to do the boss battle without all the Knights, but they’re pretty essential at blocking other enemies, making it a lot easier. We recommend finding the rest of the Knights, and you’ll also get the most out of the DLC.

Whatever your decision, go back to the chest you saw earlier for a Vessel Shield. Use the summon sign, and if you’re ready, enter The Old Chaos to continue.

The Old Chaos

As soon as you enter you’ll have to fight six enemies – four Charred Knights of Loyce and two Charred Mages of Loyce. If you have all the Knights helping you this isn’t that hard – just make sure you concentrate on one at a time, taking down the mages and their fire attacks first.

If all the enemies are fighting your enemies it’s the best time to use ranged attacks, and be sure you use all the space here and keep moving. As you defeat these enemies your remaining Eleum Loyce Knights seal the doors and the Burnt Ivory King will appear

Boss Battle: Burnt Ivory King

Reward: Soul of the Ivory King

This fight starts quite simply – he attacks with the basic sword. He lunges with a charging attack which you can dodge diagonally and attack immediately after dodging. Once you’ve dished out a bit of damage in return, his sword becomes magical.

Equip any magic defensive items you have. He uses the same lunging attack but it reaches further now, so keep on your toes and dodge a little earlier. Whenever the Ivory King pauses and begins to glow, move away before he unleashes his magic spike attack from the ground – it forms in a circular effect around him.

He will usually try a two or three hit combo on you, which you can dodge and the counter with at least two attacks of your own. If at any point your allies get the King’s attention, back away and use ranged attacks.

Once defeated you can take the Crown of the Ivory King and head back to where you dropped down. Examine the beam of light to return to the Grand Cathedral. You’ve completed The Crown of the Ivory King!

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