Destiny guide: Earth Old Russia Cosmodrome Gold Chest locations

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 9 September 2014 08:36 GMT

Destiny guide: Earth Old Russia Cosmodrome Gold Chest locations

Track down Destiny’s elusive Gold Chests with ease thanks to our detailed locations guide.


Destiny includes a second set of collectibles in addition to the Dead Ghosts, and the Gold Chests offer more than story and bragging rights, because they’re filled with sweet loot.

Opening a single Gold Chest will grant you a better-than-average reward, but collect the whole set in a location and you’ll receive something extra special. On Earth, the first Destination, that reward is a sweet ground vehicle.

If you follow our Destiny walkthrough you’ll find four of the five Earth chests as you explore Old Russia’s Cosmodrome; the numbering we’ve used here matches the walkthrough. The fifth chest is found in The Devil’s Lair Strike mission.

Here’s how to find all five chests:

Earth Gold Chest #1

This Gold Chest is found in the corridors between The Steppes and Dock 13. It’s sitting quite openly on a desk and is very easy to spot. You’ll pass it while doing Restoration, a required Level 2 Story Mission.

Earth Gold Chest #2

You can first collect this Gold Chest when fighting Gotra, the famous Wizard from the moon, during Level 3 Story Mission, The Dark Within. You can grab it while the mission end timer is counting down, on a second visit to the area (perhaps during The Last Array, when you pass through here again on your way to Skywatch), or even during the battle with Gotra if you’re very brave.

The chest is on the roof of an enclosed area where, on later visits, you’ll find a Fallen Captain lurking. From the raised platform where Gotra likes to hide and regenerate his shields, you can jump onto some sort of box thing, face the direction of the path to Skywatch, and it’s a short hop from there onto the roof. Look for the chest against the far wall, slightly hidden by a dip and some detritus.

Earth Gold Chest #3

You can find this Gold Chest in the gorge between the Mothyards and the Forgotten Shore. It’s in a small cave about halfway up the ravine wall, near a wispy waterfall (not the big one with a pool at its base).

To find it easily, enter the gorge from the Mothyards and hug the left wall, scanning for the cave. Climb up and profit.

Earth Gold Chest #4

One of the easiest chests to miss, this one is in the Forgotten Shores, at the base of the cliffs that lead to the Terrestrial Complex and Skywatch.

Walk along the beach and hug the cliff wall on your left; don’t worry, anywhere the water is pale, it’s safe to walk. Jump from rock to rock but don’t be fooled into taking a path that goes upwards; you want the water splashing your feet. You will reach the Gold Chest before you run out of rocks.

Earth Gold Chest #5

This final Earth Gold Chest is only accessible only during the Devils’ Lair Strike. You’ll have to make it all the way to the fight with Sepiks Prime. If you imagine the platforms around the boss fight arena as a U shape, the chest is on the right arm of the U, at ground level. Get in under the platforms and you should spot it easily.

Head over to our Destiny guide for more tips and info.

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