Destiny guide: Earth Cosmodrome story missions walkthough and guide

By Brenna Hillier
9 September 2014 08:31 GMT

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Destiny guide: Earth Cosmodrome story missions walkthrough and guide

Destiny begins on Earth, in the Cosmodrome of Old Russia. Here’s our complete walkthrough of the story missions therein.


Earth Cosmodrome – Opening Mission and Tutorial

After the cinematic, you awaken on Old Earth with a Ghost to guide you. There is no harm in spending a little time looking around this first area, learning how to use emotes and exploring your inventory; despite your Ghost’s warnings, nothing will come for you.

Follow your radar and the objective marker to enter The Breach, a series of twisting corridors through the heart of the Cosmodrome’s exterior wall. Eventually, you’ll find a weapon, and nearby, your first Dead Ghost.

Earth: Dead Ghost #1

After receiving your weapon, continue a short way down the corridor until it turns left at a right angle. Having turned this corner, look up; you should spot the Dead Ghost by its blue glow. You’ll need to jump and hold down Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to retrieve it.

You’ll encounter your first enemies shortly thereafter – a small group of Dregs. This mission is mostly a tutorial of sorts, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Continue through the corridors, following your objective marker and fighting several groups of baddies. Shortly after you pass through a corridor lined with trip mines, you’ll reach an arena-like area with a puddle on the floor, where you’ll fight several enemies. Get ride of them all and claim your prize: there is a Dead Ghost here.

Earth: Dead Ghost #2

Standing in the water pooling on the floor in the arena mentioned in the walkthrough text, look around for a small alcove under a platform. The Dead Ghost is at about chest height, at the back.

After a few more corridors you’ll step out into The Divide, an exterior location. A Fallen drop ship will bring you a few enemies to dispatch, but before you rush out, get your bearings. Standing in the doorway to The Breach you should see a billboard stretched between two buildings directly opposite you. There’s a Dead Ghost up there.

Before following your radar to the exit to this area, poke around in a section of pipe to find yet another Dead Ghost.

Earth: Dead Ghost #3

The Dead Ghost here is hard to reach without your mobility ability; you may wish to come back when you level up.

Earth: Dead Ghost #4

Look for large blue and orange tank near some buildings; the pipe section is around here.

Follow the corridors a little further to find a Jump Ship. Before you can get to it, you’ll ened to fight off the Fallen guards – including the first Captain you’ll see. Captains use a shield which makes them immune to critical damage (headshots). You can wear it down pretty quickly with an automatic weapon and then make a few precision shots to finish him off, but this is most easily achieved after his friends are dead, or he may go into cover and regenerate his shield. You should have unlocked your grenade by now, so lob one into the little knot of enemies for best results.


First visit to the Tower

When you finish your first mission you’ll be automatically transported to the Tower, the social and vendor hub. You can nab several Dead Ghosts while you’re here.

As soon as you arrive on the tower, run to your left and look for a set of stairs leading up to a largely empty platform. Head around a pillar to find your first Dead Ghost

Return to ground level and pass through the corridor to the area called Tower North. On one side there’s a large, spherical building with a greta view of the Traveller. Look around for another Dead Ghost.

Tower: Dead Ghost #1

The Ghost is sitting on a crate. Look for a small cluster of boxes if you’re having trouble finding it, and remember – you shouldn’t be at ground level, or have passed through any corridors.

Tower: Dead Ghost #2

The Ghost is sitting on a little table by the bookshelves, directly behind the Traveller’s desk.

Back in the Tower Plaza, you may have a green icon at the Post Office. If so, check in to collect any rewards you may have earned via beta participation or special offers.

Your next objective is to check in with your class mentor. Take the central stairs down to find all three Vanguard mentors gathered around a table. You’ll receive a piece of armour, so don’t forget to equip it. If you don’t want the old piece – and why would you? hold down Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to dismantle it for currency. You can’t sell items.

After speaking to your mentor, check the desk to the left of the door as you face away from the table back the way you came. There’s a Dead Ghost waiting for you.

Tower: Dead Ghost #3

NPCs (and other players!) sometimes block your view of this desk. Stand in the doorway to the Vanguard room facing the Plaza. Take two steps back. Look left.

Before you leave the tower, you need to speak to the gunsmith to receive a new weapon, and to the shipwright to unlock travel. After that, you’re free to go to orbit.

There is one other Ghost in the Tower, but it’s inaccessible except during Iron Banner matches.

Once you’re in orbit, familiarise yourself with the map and incite a friend to join your fireteam if you like. There’s only one mission available n ow, but more choices will open very soon. Note that you can change the difficulty of a mission after selecting it on the map as long as you haven’t pressed “launch” yet. Difficulty in Destiny is strongly affected by your level and equipment, but if you’re playing co-op or are pretty good at shooters, go ahead and crank it – you’ll be fine.

Destiny Beta_20140722212313

Restoration: Level 2 Story Mission

Now that we have a ship, we need a Warp Drive so we can get off Earth. When you materialise on the surface, follow your radar to a downed ship, There’s a small group of enemies here. Once dispatched, ghold down Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to deploy your ghost, and wait until it’s finished scanning.

Your next objective is pretty close by, in one of two sheds guarded by quite a large group of Dregs and Vandals. Take a look in the non-objective shed to find a Dead Ghost.

Earth: Dead Ghost #5

The Ghost is sitting on the ground near a console, right by a fallen chair.

Head into the other shed and take the stairs down.

As you explore this area, keep an ear open for a jangling sound indicating spinmetal is nearby. You can harvest this silvery plant and trade it for various goodies on the Tower, You may also hear a more digital, electronic sound indicating the presence of a loot chest. Both spinmetal and loot chests spawn randomly in set locations, often tucked just out of sight, so learning to recognise the sound they make is super useful. You should find at least one chest inside this set of tunnels, as well as some spinmetal outside.

Below ground, you’ll find a couple of dregs and a vandal; the small room makes a grenade very effective. Afterwards, deploy your Ghost at the terminal.

There’s a very dark tunnel to one side here; don’t go down there. This is far beyond your current level, and you will be slaughtered. Return to the entrance instead.

Watch out as you exit the tunnels through the shed; enemy reinforcements will drop regularly from ships in this area, so you may need to battle another group of enemies. When you’re ready, head across the landscape, following your radar, to a long, shallow set of steps leading into the second floor of a crumbling building. You don’t need to stop to kill nearby enemies, but it’s fun. As you pass through these corridors, keep an eye out for the first Gold Chest.

Earth: Gold Chest #1

You walk right past this as you complete the mission. It’s very hard to miss. It’s on a desk, and should be on your left.

You’ll meet little resistance in this building, until suddenly you meet a lot! A small group of Vandals and Dregs isn’t so bad, but moments later Riksis, Devil Archon will emerge from the walls.

This miniboss is a pushover on his own, but his minions make him a formidable foe. Make sure you clear out any Shanks you see, and take down the regularly spawning groups of Vandals, to avoid having them swarm you. Keep your distance from Riksis, and retreat back through the door you came in by to get your breath and funnel enemies into you firezone – but don’t let yourself get pinned down in a narrow corridor by backing into the geometry.

When Riksis is isolated, concentrate your fire on headshots; they work wonders. You can easily avoid his powerful shotgun if you’re not to close, simply by strafing a little as you fire. Watch out for his sudden dodges to one side, though; he’s normally slow on his feet, but can zip around cover and flank you much faster than you’d expect.

Once everything is dead you will get a mission end timer; run around and pick up any loot that may have dropped. You’ll see a cutscene set in the Tower but be returned directly to orbit thereafter.

From here you have a choice of two missions, and can return to the Tower to buy gear and decrypt Engrams if you like. We’ll assume you continue to tackle story missions in order.

Next: The Dark Within and The Warmind full walkthrough, plus all relevant Dead Ghost and Gold Chest locations.

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