Let’s revisit these wonderful Robin Williams Zelda commercials

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 12 August 2014 01:40 GMT

Robin Williams has been reported dead, aged 63. Let’s take a moment to respectfully farewell a man whose love for gaming was tremendous and very warm.


Williams was an inspired comedian and award-winning actor, and he leaves behind a body of work so weighty and beloved that it seems ridiculous to run it down on a video games website.

It’s not our place to report on the deaths of celebrities whose main sphere of influence is outside games, so please visit local source Marin News – Williams was a College of Marin alumni – for all the details. There seems to be no hope of it being a hoax at this stage, unfortunately.

Although it’s outside our remit, the news has left us a bit broken, as celebrity deaths sometimes do, because Williams was so warm and likeable – as well as an outspoken and passionate gamer. We felt the need to mark his passing in some way. So:

Williams and his daughter, Zelda (who yes, was named for The Legend of) starred in a series of commercials for Ocarina of Time 3DS and Skyward Sword, all of which are just gorgeous – or maybe “magical”, as Williams himself says of the games, the name and his daughter. You can revisit these wonderful, funny little slices of a beautiful father-daughter gaming relationship below.

Our thoughts are with all the friends and family – and fans – left bereaved by Williams’s death.


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