Check out this amazing Minecraft build – well, hole

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 12 August 2014 05:21 GMT

Minecraft players do some amazing things. Including this giant hole. Stay with me, guys! Stay with me!


My current favourite Minecraft project is called Relentless, and it’s an enormous hole. Like, really enormous.

Pause for you to make the predictable jokes. (And pause for me to use the ban hammer.)



Basically, creator hgbleackley and a few friends – notably one HeboGebo – dug an enormous hole, down to the bedrock, with stepped sides. It’s peppered with torches to stop mobs spawning in the depths.



I’d like to say did this entirely without mods, but they did use a few, including FeatherFall. You can’t really blame them though, can you, when the whole thing was dug with in-game tools like picks and dynamite – not scripts.

Throughout most of the project, the hole was capped with a thin layer – but occasional glitches or carelessly exploring players resulted in a few accidental deaths.

The depth of the hole, combined with Minecraft’s lighting system, creates an eerie effect.




It’s kind of amazing how simple the idea is – it’s just a huge hole, for goodness’ sake – and yet so fascinating.



Who even has the time for this kind of thing? Do check out the full gallery on Imgur.

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