Let’s hope a Pokemon mobile game never turns out like this

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 5 August 2014 21:16 GMT

Imagine if you will, a Pokemon game created as a free-to-play title for mobiles. Now go somewhere and find something to scrub your brain of such a thought, because it would suck horribly.

Spotted by reddit, the imgur picture pokes fun at F2P games which charge you in-game tokens to speed up the process of your game.

These tokens are sparingly handed out by developers of such games, but you can always buy more with real money if you don’t have the patience to wait on the timer to run out.

Such tactics can be extremely frustrating, especially when said games are hosting timed events. Want a really cool building or outfit for your game? You better log in every damned hour if you want to accomplish the goal, or drop $20 on in-game tokens. It’s horrible.

And the majority constantly want you to connect (re: harass) your friends on social media to join so you can visit each other’s game world. Good luck maintaining friendships doing that.

Thankfully, I don’t see Nintendo ever doing such a thing if it were to release a mobile Pokemon game. It would just charge you for the base game and leave it at that – at least, one would hope.

pokemon ios

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