Steam keys for Stained will be handed over to bundle purchasers after all

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 2 August 2014 16:22 GMT

It appears developer RealAxis has had a change of heart and will be releasing Steam keys to those who purchased Stained through the Debut 3 Bundle from Indie Royale.


Earlier this week, Indie Royale customers were informed Steam keys to the PC side-scroller would not be honored due to low sales of the game.

Steam keys were promised to bundle buyers once the game was greenlit. It raised enough votes and was greenlit on May 15.

When the developer announced it was not going to provide Steam keys as promised, it caused some backlash. The developer’s response to said backlash was: “[Indie Royale] clearly stated [Steam keys are] not required, its totally up to you.’ If you have got the impression that the keys are confirmed then it was a mistake my friend.”

Now, after even more community uproar, Steam users who purchased Stained through the bundle will now be receieving a key through their Indie Royale account.

Look over this for more information.

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