21 mods we want for GTA 5 on PC

By Matt Martin, Friday, 1 August 2014 11:34 GMT

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If there’s one thing more exciting than Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, it’s the mods from the community that are going to improve, enhance and push the game to its limits.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite mods from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV as well as those knocking around the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5.

From the goofy to the glorious, here’s 21 mods we’d like to see in Los Santos later this year.

01. Los Pollos Hermanos


Don’t let on to Gus Fring that you’re taking one of his trucks out for a spin. Not unless you want to end up inside a barrel on a one way trip to the desert.

02. Batman’s military Tumbler

1342892894_GTAIV2012072116092196 (Copy)

Even the odds a little by rolling through the gates of Fort Zancudo in Batman’s camo tank.

03. Lego car

1333743562_14 (Copy)

If only Everything’s Awesome was on the Non-Stop-Pop FM playlist, we’d cruise around in this Lego motor.

04. No water

Removing all the water from the game – including The Alamo Sea and Lake Vinewood – opens up so many more stunt and racing opportunities.

05. Ramp spawn

1382378655_4 (Copy)

Why drive all the way to a ramp when you can just spawn a new one?

06. M. Bison from Street Fighter

1346033105_EFLC2012082621032928 (Copy)

Los Santos is full of flamboyant characters as it is, M. Bison would fit right in.

07. V For Vendetta mask


If we can’t buy this from the mask shop on Vespucci Beach then something is very wrong.

Next – George Lucas is going to sue somebody, Black Mesa and multicoloured fighter jets.

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