What do you think of Don’t Starve’s controversial multiplayer?

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 14 July 2014 01:12 GMT

Don’t Starve Together is as hotly debated as it is anticipated. Take a look at prototype footage to get an idea of what Klei is aiming for.


Don’t Starve is getting multiplayer in an upcoming update, which has caused friction in the fan base.

Developer Klei Entertainment acknowledged these concerns when announcing Don’t Starve Together, because earlier in proceedings it had made a comment to the effect of the game remaining single-player.

The decision to divert resources into multiplayer development hasn’t pleased some fans, but Klei seems to be taking the project quite seriously and is, as usual, planning to have the community provide feedback throughout the whole process.

In this spirit, here’s the first gameplay footage of Don’t Starve multiplayer. You can read more about the expansion on the Klei forums, and let the indie know what you think of how it’s shaping up. Keep in mind this is early prototype footage, so don’t stick the boot in too deeply.

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