The best games on Xbox One

By Dave Cook
19 June 2014 15:30 GMT

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LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes

‘What’s this kids game doing here?’

Some people still don’t understand the appeal of these LEGO games, and that’s absolutely fine. However, when you combine LEGO and Marvel into a gloriously colourful and charming package such as this, you can’t help but take notice. This is a love letter to the comic brand, with a staggering amount of heroes such as Iron Man, The Hulk and their fellow Avengers, to Spider-Man and lesser-known characters thrown in for fan service. Like Howard the Duck.

The gameplay might not have changed much since the first Lego: Star Wars title, but these little plastic fools are so endearing and funny that it’s hard to hold it against Traveller’s Tales. Where else can you see Mr. Fantastic morph into a giant LEGO teapot? I’ll tell you: nowhere. Play this one with your kids and share in their gaming. You wont regret it.


Forza Motorsport 5

Boo! Hiss! Yeah OK, so there are less tracks than previous Forza games and those paid boosters pissed a lot of people off, but let’s not forget there’s still a functional, visually impressive racer beneath the headlines. We gave Turn10’s racer a bit of flack for the above when we reviewed it, but we couldn’t overlook the parts that worked.

From the lavishly depicted cars to the painstakingly re-created circuits, this is one of those games you simply have to show off to your friends and say, ‘look at what my Xbox One can do.’ It’s a great looking game and it handles with authenticity as you’d expect, although newcomers can ease themselves in with a range of assists. This is the ideal Xbox One launch show piece.


Watch Dogs

The first true juggernaut release of the new generation, Ubisoft Montreal took the Grand Theft Auto format and added in a twist to produce Watch Dogs, a game about surveillance and the art of hacking. While its impressive visuals were overshadowed by claims that the game had been purposely downgraded since its E3 2012 reveal, it’s still a looker on Xbox One, and offers a huge environment that bends to your will.

Aiden Pearce might have the personality of a cardboard sheet, but he’s at his best when hacking. Manipulating bollards to crash pursuing cars, plucking police choppers out of the sky and other sly tricks are what make Watch Dogs fun. The story mission arc is fun as well, mixing up stealth and espionage with good old fashioned gun-play. If you can overlook the limp characterisation then you’re in for a treat. Check out our massive three-part review journal here.


Child of Light

Ubisoft’s charming platform RPG is short but it’s one of those titles you can simply lose yourself in, even just for a little bit. Child of Light delivers a fresh and inviting blend of 2D platforming and turn-based battles that benefits from the UbiArt Framework’s gorgeous visual style and Coeur de pirate’s musical score. It’s a magical experience that can be enjoyed in co-op with a friend.

There’s no big guns or explosions here, so if you’re looking for some respite from the din and racket of the triple-a blockbuster circuit you’ll certainly find solace in Child of Light. Ubisoft admitted that it developed the game with inspiration from Japanese RPGs, so fans of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest might also find much to love here.

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