Titanfall videos: How to dominate with the Atlas Mech & R-101C Carbine

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 18 June 2014 15:48 GMT

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This video looks at my personal favourite Pilot weapon, the R-101C Carbine. This is an assault rifle that is unlocked from the start, offering superb handling and excellent long-range damage. It’s not as powerful as the Longbow-DMR sniper rifle, but it holds its own over distance.

My best piece of advice while using this weapon is to work it in tandem with your cloak. Because traversal is so fast in Titanfall, you’ll often see players blindly jumping and running around like nutters, but what you really want to do is hang back and play it slow.

Find an elevated position or an area where you know there are enemies, hit your clock and take a few seconds just to survey the flow of battle. I’m amazed at how often I’ll see enemies moving way in the distance while standing still sometimes even in my peripheral vision.

All I then need to do is take aim, squeeze off a controlled burst of fire and watch as the hasty lunatic on the receiving end drops down dead. It absolutely pays to be cautious, and you should always, always get your aim up going around every single corner. I mean ever corner, because you never know who’s around each turn.

Finally, don’t hold down the trigger like a maniac at range as your accuracy will suffer, and don’t bother taking time to aim while face-to-face with an enemy. You’ll be killed in that short window of time. Just hip-fire and you’ll win the encounter.

Thanks for watching guys. Stay tuned for the next round of Titanfall tip videos soon.

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