Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile made it the best playable game at E3

By Matt Martin
16 June 2014 15:36 GMT

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Some demos offer only a glimpse of the finished game. Batman: Arkham Knight played like the full game, thanks in part to the Batmobile.


“Arkham Knight is like sitting down to watch Batman Begins after enduring Schumacher’s Batman & Robin.”

I was lucky enough to see and play a lot of games at E3 last week. Some I got to see for literally minutes and play for even less, some I got to play for too long and had to politely make for the exit. One was terrible (more of that later this week) and you already know I enjoyed Far Cry 4 and Mortal Kombat X.

But one game stood out amongst the crowd in a year where there was a shit-tonne of high quality, triple-A games on display. I played Batman: Arkham Knight on my last day at the show. By this point I should have been tired and cynical and spoilt by so much quality. Yeah, the last Batman game – the one not made by Rocksteady – was the weakest of the bunch. But Batman: Arkham Knight? It was like sitting down to watch Batman Begins after enduring the shitfest that was Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin movie.

My demo was the second main mission in the game, which involved rescuing five employees from ACE Chemicals – an enclosed industrial plant where the Dark Knight can get to grips with a stack of new skills and the Batmobile itself.

It started familiarly enough, with The Bat looking down on the plant to scope it out, throwing the batarang around the perimeter to case the joint using its video functions. Once the layout of the location is mapped and all five victims marked it was just a case of using some of Batman’s newest abilities to rescue them and push the story forward.

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“Batman: Arkham Knight treats the Batmobile almost as another playable superhero with its own set of unique abilities and skills.”

Let’s cut to the chase. The Batmobile is the new star of the show here. You get to drive it for the first time and it’s not just a car – it doubles as a tank in Battle Mode. In this demo the emphasis was on the tank transformation as there was very little room to put your foot down. I jumped a few ramps using a last minute boost, but there were no opportunities to race through the streets of Gotham.

Holding down a trigger to remain in tank form was a little awkward as there’s a lot of functions assigned to other buttons that you’ll need to take advantage of. I found myself slipping out of tank form at inopportune moments, or just through a lack of familiarity with the game. Maybe that’s something that will be changed for the final release or maybe my arthritic claws will get more comfortable with the controls.


In tank form you’re a tough little brawling machine, able to dodge left and right to avoid attacks (like the Titans in Titanfall, a move that I also saw in the Exo suits in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare). My Bat Tank was going up against an initially overwhelming number of drones but it didn’t take long to wear them down. Armed with light and heavy attacks, the Bat Tank punches through most enemies. I’ll admit it looked a little wack seeing the Batmobile transform and move left and right during the E3 trailer, but in-game it felt natural and it played out well.

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