A Year of Delays: the big games that have slipped… and why Destiny could be next

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 4 June 2014 15:17 GMT

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5 reasons why a Destiny delay wouldn’t surprise us


It’s massively ambitious

We wouldn’t expect anything less. This is a series of games that has already been mapped out for annual release over the next 8 years. You need to get that right from the start because Bobby Kotick and Eric Hirshberg will not accept a shaky start. According to the original eight year plan we should be receiving the first Destiny expansion this year, meaning Destiny was originally due in 2013. It’s already been delayed, it can happen again.

Previews so far have been lukewarm

Look at this headline – it’s not exactly boxquote material:

destiny_boring _headline

That was from a press trip where Activision and Bungie controlled the whole experience; gameplay, locations, gear, stats. Everything. If the press aren’t behind it yet, there’s a lot more marketing that needs to be done, and it needs to ramp up quickly because we’re only four months away from the September 9 release date.

Online, online, online

See those problems with Watch Dogs online? See also those problems with Titanfall online? And every other online game ever launched? Online is a ballache that can’t be tested until it’s really, truly, live. And by then everyone is already trying to play it but can’t due to some stupid bug but it’s too late they’re already leaving 0/10 scores on Steam and PSN and XBLA and Twitter and Metacritic and Neogaf and that’s it. You’ve lost your audience.


Activision can afford to delay it

Sledgehammer is in the process of re-imagining the Call of Duty franchise and getting everyone back on board after Ghosts turned out to be a bit of a duffer. Although Activision needs to get Destiny right, it can’t let Call of Duty slip either. Holding back Destiny in favour of giving Advanced Warfare more marketing budget means the cash cow continues to chew-up the charts this year and well into the next. That’s safe money in the bank while Destiny gets all the development love it needs.


Delays happen all the time

It’s not a Destiny issue, it’s a video game issue. Every game you’re looking forward to gets delayed. Most of the time it’s for the better. Watch Dogs was delayed and it still managed to sell 4 million copies in its first week. 4 MILLION. Show that to a suit in the boardroom and he’d probably demand a delay in order to increase sales. Throw in a few pre-order incentives to keep the fans sweet and no one will really care if they have to wait another six months. Will they?

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