Watch Dogs: Uninvited – ambush hitmen, destroy trucks, meet Bedbug

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:24 GMT

Set a deadly trap for the incoming hitman and take them down with IEDs and expert timing.


Objective: Destroy the truck with IEDs

This bit’s easy. Select an IED from your weapon wheel and throw it at the van. Detonate it and get out of there before the cops come.

Objective: Reach the Sienna Brick Factory
Objective: Find security footage to plan your attack
Objective: Prepare an ambush against the Viceroy hitmen

Now grab a car and head to the next waypoint in the factory. Hack the gate when you get there and use the computer. You only have a short time to set up an ambush so take the spare IEDs near the computer. If you look on the ground you’ll see tyre tracks and cigarette butts – this is where you should plant your explosives. Raise the shutters and protectors, get yourself to cover and wait for the hitmen.

Objective: Viceroys incoming. Find a good vantage point
Objective: Eliminate all of Iraq’s crew

A lot of these guys will walk right into your ambush. The two cars will park on top of the IEDs so send them popping. Any remaining hitmen can be cleared up from behind your cover but be wary of hitmen approaching from different directions. Remain calm and focused and you won’t get overwhelmed.

Objective: Hack the phone to intercept the call
Objective: Take down the fleeing Viceroy
Objective: Reach Bedbug’s location
Objective: Follow Bedbug undetected
Objective: Call Bedbug
Objective: Hack the terminal to display Bedbug’s blackmail

Quickly hack the phone in the middle of the area and head outside to grab a vehicle and chase the last Viceroy. When you’ve dealt with him, get over to Bedbug’s location, get out the car and follow him to the park. Get your phone out and call Bedbug and hack the nearest terminal to finish the mission.

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