Watch Dogs: Online Invasion hacking tips

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:52 GMT

Shake off invaders or close in on your target – we’ve got all the tips you need for the PVP game.


While Watch Dog is primarily a single player game, its Online Invasion multiplayer sessions are a lot of fun and shouldn’t be ignored if you’re looking to get the most out of the game.

Here are our tips for survival in the player vs player mode, whether you’re the one hacking or hunting the intrusion. As well as our tips below, we’d encourage you to check out this video from GamingWithMack, which has some excellent tips.

Be Careful of Hiding in Cars

There are a lot of tips out that that suggest hiding in cars is a great way of avoiding the other player when you’ve invaded someone else’s single player game. That initially sounds like a good plan, but, NPCs in the game never hide in cars. Considering you’re meant to be blending in as a normal Chicago citizen, you’ll stand out from the crowd if you’re spotted hiding (or worse) sitting in a vehicle.

There are plenty of other places to hide in the Chicago streets, so use the environment wisely. The only time you need a car is when you need to make a quick getaway.

Don’t Act Like You’re Playing The Game

While you’re hacking you need to look like one of the crowd. NPCs don’t climb, sprint, run, hide or jump around the streets of Chicago. so when you’re out in the open avoiding doing all of these things if you don’t want to be discovered. Walk closely to packs of citizens but don’t get too close. The secret is trying to mimic AI behaviour, which at time can be very boring. Don’t be afraid of being boring.

Leave The Bike At Home

Motorcycles are a dead giveaway. No NPCs in Watch Dogs rides a bike. Not a single one. If you see someone rolling along on two wheels pull out your gun and start blasting because it’s another player. Motorbikes are a big red sign. Got it?

Flush Out Invaders

This one is straight out of a cop show. Once you receive a message that you’re being invaded, grab the nearest vehicle and speed off, putting some distance between you and the invader. Once you’ve put a few blocks between yourselves, park up the vehicle and look for someone tailing you. They’re likely to stand out with either erratic or very slick driving. and they’re likely to have their foot down. It’s a giveaway: draw your weapons and make them eat lead.

Turn the Tables

If you’re hiding and you spot your opponent, a good tactic is to come out from the shadows and head to their last known spot. They’re unlikely to double back on the path they’ve just taken, giving you a prime opportunity to finish installing the backdoor.

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