Watch Dogs: One Foot in the Grave – find Tobias

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:18 GMT

When the chips are down… it’s time to flush out Tobias at a poker game and bring him down without killing him.

watch dogs e3 (6)

Objective: Search for bridge access
Objective: Follow Clara
Objective: Profile the homeless for clues
Objective: Hack the caller

Open your phone and the Profiler and on the left you’ll find a hacking station near a pole. Walk over to it and hack it, then follow Clara. You’ll now need to profile the homeless with your cell phone to find the person you’re looking for. Left of the building is a person making a call – hack the phone.

Objective: Kill the fixer before he reaches Tobias
Objective: Kill the fixer’s backup or escape

When the fixer steals your van you’ll have to give chase quickly. If you get too close he’ll call for backup, but either way you need run him down and kill or escape any people he calls in.

Objective: Reach the poker game
Objective: Join the game and draw out Tobias

You now need to head to the poker game as marked on the map. Go around the back of the house and down stairs. You enter the game by walking up to the table and you’ll need at least $200.

Objective: Catch Tobias. Do not kill him

You only need to play one had of poker to lure out Tobias who then makes a run for it. Chase him down on foot but don’t kill him. He’ll fire at you and try hacking your path – you just need to stay close but you run faster than him. Use a takedown when you get the chance. You now have access to Tobias’ shop to buy crafted tools.

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