Watch Dogs: Jury-Rigged – disable security terminal, avoid snipers

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:22 GMT

More infiltration in this mission as Aiden avoids deadly snipers and disables three security terminals.


Objective: Disable all three security terminals
Objective: The gate is open, unlock the ctOS Tower
Objective: Leave the area

For this mission you need to disable three security terminals which are already marked on the map, but be aware there’s a sniper on the south side and a sniper on the east side. There are a few other security guards too, so let’s deal with them first.

Enter through the north west gate and you’ll see two guards. One is on a wide patrol circuit so wait for him to disappear from view and takedown the guard standing on his own. As there’s no sniper here head to the north security terminal. Again, there are two guards to deal with so wait for them to separate and take them down individually. Always takedown the stationary guard first, then the one on patrol. Now access the terminal and walk around the outside of the area.

Go to the southwest gate as you won’t find many guards – don’t be fooled – you will need to take cover from snipers as soon as you enter the gate. There are two guards with sniper rifles. One is one patrol so wait for him to move out of the way. Look for the laser sight of the sniper rifle from the guard on the roof and when it moves left it’s your cue to head for cover on the right.

Creep slowly and carefully to the southern terminal where you’ll see two guards. One stays close to the terminal and the other is on patrol, and there’s a sniper on the east side. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk off and the red sight from the sniper rifle to move in the opposite direction and perform a takedown on the other guard.

Get back in cover and wait for the other guard on foot before taking him down when the sniper is looking in the other direction. Then wait again for him to look the other way before accessing the security terminals.

If you don’t want any more confrontation you can now hug the wall of the eastern building completely bypassing snipers who can’t see you and guards who are oblivious. You’ll walk right up to the security terminal and are free to hack it, completing the objective. Now go to the next waypoint where you’ll find an audio log and leave the area through the southern gate.

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