Watch Dogs: Hope is a Sad Thing – antenna puzzle, Jed’s bar, Ray Kenney

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:33 GMT

One of the most complex puzzles in the game involves satellite dishes and antenna – this guide will make it a lot easier.


Objective: Hack the marina computer to find Kenney
Objective: Use the Profiler to find the reset code

Your first job is to start a hacking mission. But as soon as you begin you have to use the Profiler to find a reset code. Walk around the location with your phone out. There are two marina employees who work here and only one of them has the code.

Objective: Enter the new password in the marina computer
Objective: Infiltrate the ctOS tower

Hack the employee and go back to the computer to hack it again. Head to the next waypoint and the locked door. Above it is a camera. Hack it and find the unlock point which you should hack to unlock the door.

Objective: Activate the station to access data

Go down the stairs and right at the bottom and access the camera through the door. Access the interlude, move the camera right to the hacking point which will unlock the door. Go back up to the surface and find the large antenna at the back of the complex.

Go up the stairs and look at the antenna in the center to hack it and move the walkway over to you. Step on it and hack again to move the it to the other side. Step off and hack it again to move it back.

Access the camera on the right and move it up and right to access the right-most camera. Directly ahead is a hacking point that unlocks the gate to the station. Hack, then go down the stairs and through the unlocked gate.

Go up the ladder and access the antenna in the center. With the satellites moved one more time, go up the stairs on your right and across onto the walkway. Look left to see the antenna in the center and hack it again. Head across the walkway and hack the center antenna.

Below is a lift. Hack to raise it to the walkway, get on it and lower it, stepping out of the lift and down the stairs, through the gate at the bottom. Go right where you’ll find an audio log and a laptop at the end of the hall on the right. Grab the electronic parts and hack the laptop.

Go back up the hall and through the gate you’ll see an explosive panel. Set it off and it causes a chain reaction so run up stairs and to the left to get out of the way.

When everything has stopped blowing up, go through the new gate and access the unlock point on the left. Go past the unlock panel, up the hill and to the gate at the end. You’re now back in the main year.

go back down the stairs from earlier in the middle and the gate at the right on the bottom is now open. Go through and access the control point. Objective complete.

Objective: Look for Ray Kenney at Jed’s bar

Now head to Jed’s bar as marked on the map. Inside you’ll initiate a cutscene and then play a drinking minigame. It’s easy enough but after the first three rounds button icons are replaced with question marks. When you hover over them the icon is revealed. Once this drinking game is complete the mission is finished.

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