Watch Dogs: Collateral – protect and escort Clara

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:17 GMT

Prepare for an intense shootout at the motel and a quick getaway with Clara.

watch dogs e3 (1)

Objective: Defend Clara from the attackers

Once the second explosive device has blown you’ll have to shoot Clara’s attacker, but this made easier by Focus kicking in. Follow her and take cover outside and systematically shoot the enemies in the parking lot and hallway. Clara can look after herself. You can also use cameras and explosive devices to make the fight a little easier if you want to.

Objective: Escort Clara to her car
Objective: Escape the motel area

Once the attackers are dead Clara will come out from cover but more bad guys will attack. Shoot them then head to Clara’s car around the other side of the motel. Again, more attackers turn up when she gets in the car. Take out any immediate threats but it’s easier to get in the car and flee – once you’re clear of the white circle on the map you’ll be safe.

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