Watch Dogs: By Any Means Necessary – Rossi-Fremont, take down Iraq

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:37 GMT

The final mission of Act 3 is one of violence. Throw out the stealth and stock up on firepower ‘cos you’re going to need it.


Objective: Enter Rossi-Fremont

Move around the restricted area from the south side for the least amount of friction. When you’re near the waypoint call T-Bone and set off the Blackout device. Once the door is open, step inside.

Objective: Reach Iraq’s server room

You can try and sneak during this section but it really doesn’t work. Go upstairs and kill the two guards quickly before taking cover, waiting for a new set of guards to attack. Deal with them and go into the elevator and upstairs.

Two more guards will attack when the doors open, so shoot them down and access the came on the wall to the right. Unlock the panel ahead and then go up the concrete floor above to take cover and deal with another pair of guards.

Unlock the panel at the next waypoint and go through the door to fight more guards including one in heavy armour. Up the ladder you’ll fight another two guards. Keep moving up the ladders and shooting enemies as they turn up. Unlock the next panel and go through a door for cash and crafting supplies. Take down the enemies and the third unlock panel will let you through another doorway.

Objective: Download all server data
Objective: Leave the Rossi-Fremont
Objective: Follow Iraq
Objective: Take down Iraq
Objective: Eliminate Iraq’s personal guards
Objective: Leave Rossi-Fremont (again)

Inside the next room there’s an unlock panel. When you reach the last room you’ll watch a cutscene and then follow Iraq.

After the conversation with Iraq you’ll have to fight more enemies so pick up ammo while he’s talking and any crafting supplies you can find. When the enemies arrive take cover and use the mini map to help you. Once those guys are dead Iraq will talk some more before you need to take him down too.

Before you see Iraq a heavily armoured guard will appear. You need lots of heavy weapons and explosives but hes slow, so use the cover to your advantage. Once Iraq starts attacking you should concentrate your fire on him as he’s not heavily armoured. Kill Iraq and then finish off the heavy to complete the mission and Act 3!

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