Watch Dogs: Breakable Things – Racine’s office code

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:16 GMT

Now you’re inside the ctOS building, it’s time to access Racine’s details and find out some clues about Nicky.


Objective: Find the access code to Racine’s office

Hack the camera above the gate, moving it up to see the next camera. Move that camera up to see another above the garage. You’ll need to use this camera later as you’ll be attacked by a heavily armoured guard. Now move the camera all the way to the left and access an audio file followed by the only other visible camera.

Angle this camera up and to the right to focus on another camera, which you should then focus on the left to find a third camera. Looking at two camera, hack the higher one and aim it up to see a person with the access codes. Get ’em.

Objective: Search Racine’s office for clues on Nicky

Now you have the code, watch the guard patrolling the gate and wait for him to move away. Use the van for cover and open the gate. When the security guard gets close perform a takedown on him and move the the camera near the heavily armoured guard.

Wait for him to stand near the explosive panel and hit the button. As the guards become alerted to the explosion you can use a few more explosive panels in the vicinity to thin them out, then use the camera above your location to set off the car alarm as a distraction. Now use the forklift to push the guards closer to the explosive panel and hack and detonate it.

All the guards outside should now be out for the count. Go to the building where the heavily armoured guard was and take the ctOS device (it’s just outside) and the proximity IED on the table of the first room. In the corner are stairs – go up there and hack the box to unlock the door. Now hack the computer inside.

Objective: Hack Racine’s phone
Objective: Take down target

Hack into the person in front of you’s phone and eavesdrop on their conversation. Be prepared as when you leave you’ll be attacked by a heavy guard. Explode the box behind him and then run like hell down the stairs and steal a car from the car park. Mark the person’s vehicle on the main map and chase him down to complete the mission.

Hack the person the phone in front of you to listen in on the conversation. When it’s over, you need to take down the person on the phone. When you leave the room another heavy armored guard attacks. Quickly explode the junction box behind him to take him out, then run (not walk) down the stairs and get in one of the cars in the yard. Mark the vehicle on the main map and chase after him until you’ve taken him down.

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