How much external storage can Xbox One handle? Major Nelson explains

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 22 May 2014 10:44 GMT

Xbox One will soon receive a system update that enables gamers to add more storage space using external devices. Microsoft’s community chap Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb has discussed exactly what this means in a new Reddit thread.


You can find the Reddit thread through the link, but to save you trawling, Nelson started by saying, “When you plug your drive in the first time, the console prepares it for use for storage. From that point forward, you can only use it with an Xbox One.”

The drives in question must be external USB 3.0 devices with their own power source, and Microsoft is not putting a cap on size. Nelson revealed that he is currently using this 4TB drive with his Xbox One console.

This will also allow gamers to take their games to a friend’s house and play them on their machine. “You install to the external drive and then play games from it,” Nelson explained. “Pull it out, head to your friends house. Plug it in, sign in to Xbox Live…BAM…all your games on the HDD are ready to be played off the HDD.”

Nelson linked to this tweet, showing the Xbox One external space UI:

What do you think of this new update and Microsoft’s new options?

Via OXM.

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