Curve Digital’s current slate skipping Xbox One due to ID@Xbox parity clause

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 7 May 2014 12:16 GMT

MouseCraft, The Swapper and Titan Attacks will not presently launch on Xbox One due to Microsoft’s ID@Xbox parity clause, publisher Curve Digital has confirmed.


It follows my in-dept interview with Luftrausers developer Vlambeer on the matter of Microsoft’s clause, which asks that ID@Xbox developers launch their games on Xbox One at the same time as other formats. Naturally, for a resource-strapped indie team of a few people, that’s a large budget and time concern.

Now, speaking with DigitalSpy, Curve Digital’s managing director Jason Perkins said, “Unfortunately, all these titles here get ruled out by the parity clause.”

Design director Jonathan Biddle added, “We feel like it’s unnecessary handcuffs really, but that’s the way they’ve decided to run that,” then went on, “We’re platform agnostic. We’ll support everyone. What works for us is having many as healthy competitors as possible.

“They’ll all try and promote the games they’ve got, and that’s what we want. We want a healthy ecosystem, so we want everyone to do well.”

It’s worth noting that Curve’s current slate was signed and planned out before ID@Xbox was announced, so the publisher does hope to bring future releases to Xbox One as they come.

The Swapper, MouseCraft and Titan Attacks will each launch on PlayStation formats first, while Stealth Inc 2 will debut on Wii U.

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