UPDATE: Tony Hawk’s Shred Session is a free-to-play endless runner – first screens

By Dave Cook, Friday, 2 May 2014 10:49 GMT

Tony Hawk’s new game isn’t the console sequel you were hoping for, perhaps; it’s a free-to-play mobile endless runner called Shred Session, and the game’s first official images have dropped.


Since the initial reveal, Activision has sent out the first Tony Hawk’s Shred Session screens. We’ve added them to the bottom of this post.

In a press release statement, Hawk said of the new game, “I‘m stoked that Activision shares my vision for an original skateboarding game on mobile. It’s exciting to evolve with new technologies, and Shred Session is a whole new direction.”

It’s being developed by UK studio Big Bit, and takes players to locations such as Santa Monica to London, as they pull off a range of one-touch tricks.

The game has two modes: Survival, which is an endless runner mode, and Shred Sessions, which sees players completing classic Tony Hawk objectives or competing against their friends’ scores.

Skaters can also be upgraded with custom decks, wheels and outfits. We smell microtransactions.

We’ll have more as it comes.


Tony Hawk’s Shred Session was shown off in a TouchArcade video preview.

Although it has various play modes, they all seem to be endless-runner style affairs. Variations include performing tricks, collecting items, a time attack and a competitive multiplayer challenge mode.

The iOS title is free-to-play, and players will unlock cosmetic upgrades through play or via microtransactions.

It’s coming out worldwide in northern summer but will have a soft launch in the next few weeks; that usually means restricted to a few territories during testing.

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