CCP “okay” with World of Darkness cancellation, will focus on being “the EVE Universe company”

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 2 May 2014 17:25 GMT

CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson has explained why the company is “okay” with World of Darkness’ cancellation, as it will help renew focus on the EVE Universe.


Speaking with Polygon during EVE Fanfest this week, Pétursson said while the decision to cancel was a hard one to make, the company had to be honest with itself regarding its development, despite the MMO’s “inspirational and powerful” concept.

“We began with huge aspirations, wholly optimistic ones, which is often the case when you come from any success and you want to expand on that,” he said. “And we’ve made many scoping [changes], changed direction and all that through the year, and the core experience has suffered for it, in a way. And it still had a relatively long way to go.

“Even though it is extremely difficult because the idea and the concept are terribly inspirational and powerful, we really had to be honest with ourselves. This is not trending towards what we were hoping or planning for in the beginning, and it’s better to stop now than to continue at this rate, at this pace, or making yet another change to the premise.

“This was the time where it’s OK, we have given it all we’ve got for now. Better to stop it, and company to go focus on the EVE universe.”

And that, according to what Pétursson told the crows at EVE Fanfest, is what CCP plans to do for the foreseeable future: focus entirely on the EVE Universe.

“Right now, the strategy of the company has been simplified by a lot,” said Pétursson. “We are now the Eve Universe company, everything that CCP does, every CCP employee, is working on the EVE Universe,” he said.

“If Internet space ships were ever serious business at CCP, that is now the case, and will continue to be so.”

There’s more on World of Darkness’ cancellation through the link.

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