Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer officially released, out November 4 – watch

By Dave Cook, Friday, 2 May 2014 07:57 GMT

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has received its first official trailer out of publisher Activision. It confirmed the shooter’s future setting, hover bikes and all.

I’ve also written a bullshit blog full of stills and observations from the clip above. Come have some fun here.

The shooter was supposed to be fully unveiled on May 4, but we’ve posted an early selection of screens and details here.

It’s set in the future, where private military contractors go to the highest bidder to wage corporate – and totally not Metal Gear Solid 4-like – wars. Kevin Spacey appears to be the villain of the piece, as you can see by his shiny, mo-capped, new-gen face.

There’s hover bikes, stealth cloaks, sticky gloves that make a man climb like that Spider-Bloke, exo suits that allow for superhuman jumping and strength, and not a single trace of rappelling.

Thank christ.

We’ll have more on the game once the bigger reveal drops.

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