Monument Valley devs making new levels, considering Vita port

By Phil Owen, Saturday, 26 April 2014 20:20 GMT

The developer of the IAP-less mobile hit Monument Valley, ustwo, is building some new levels for the much-talked-about game because they want to, but necessarily just for profit, director Neil McFarland told The Guardian. But he does have concerns about where these levels will fit into the game’s story.

monument valley

“We are making some more levels, but the reasons we’re doing it are artistic reasons: there are some ideas that we didn’t get to work so didn’t put in there, but which we’d like to see work. There are some other things we’d like to try,” McFarland said.

“The only thing is we presented a complete story in the game, which we don’t want to mess with, so what we don’t really know yet is how we’ll present new levels within that narrative. We don’t want to break it! But there are things we want to explore without destroying that experience.”

But wait, there’s more. McFarland says they’re looking into making a Vita version of the game as well, and the possibility of putting it on PC has crossed their mind.

“We’re looking at getting it on the PS Vita, and a lot of people ask about a PC version, but we’re portrait and touchscreen, so it’s not easy. We could do it, but it would be a bit crap!”

On top of all that, McFarland had an amusing comment in response to gamer complaints about short experiences, relating them to a trip to the movies.

“It’s not like you see people coming out of the cinema saying ‘that film was brilliant, but it was only three hours long. I paid eight quid for that! I’m going to ask for my money back…’.”

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