Prey 2 developer now working on Timegate’s Minimum

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 22 April 2014 04:51 GMT

Prey 2 developer Human Head Studios is now onboard Minimum, Timegate’s long lost free-to-play shooter, thanks to a deal with Atari.


Minimum was first announced over one year ago, but Section 8 developer Timegate had little to say, and shortly thereafter went bust, following the loss of a lawsuit brought by publisher SouthPeak Interactive.

Several companies entered a bidding war for the developer’s IP, with Atari walking away with the rights to Minimum. Polygon reports the publisher tapped Human Head Studios to complete the project, which has now been re-announced.

The 5v5 shooter will release on PC in northern spring via Steam Early Access. It’s not yet clear if the finished game will be free-to-play once the Early Access period has ended.

A third-person shooter with an emphasis on crafting, Minimum also draws on elements of MOBA games, as crafted weapons and items grow stronger with each kill. Each team also calls on a Titan, which is powered up by creep farming the opposing team’s home base.

Take a look at Minimum’s unique aesthetic below.

Human Head has been radio silent on Prey 2 for some time. The official word from Bethesda is that the project has been delayed for further work, but we’ve heard wild rumours – that Dishonored developer Arkane Studios is involved, that Human Head is engaging in questionable business practices to avoid legal fallout with Bethesda, and that Bethesda attempted an aggressive buy-out. Last time Human Head went on the record, it said Prey 2 is “in limbo”.

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