Landmark Player Studio support starts in May, SOE announces

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 2 April 2014 18:45 GMT

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Player Studio support will begin for Landmark on or before May 1.


According to the studio, Player Studio creators in select regions outside of the US will be able to submit in-game items across all Player Studio-supported games.

Player Studio offers participants the opportunity to create items which can be sold through the in-game marketplaces of SOE games. They will share in revenue generated by the sales, and with Landmark, players from around the world will finally be able to participate by building directly within the game.

“Landmark offers powerful and intuitive tools that enable players to build just about anything they can imagine,” said EverQuest director of development Dave Georgeson. “Players who choose to participate will be able to make meaningful royalties by building in and playing the game they love.

“Our vision is that some prolific and talented creators will turn this into a full-time career.”

Here’s a few stats on Player Studio:

  • Nearly 5,000 submissions have been submitted to SOE’s Player Studio program as of March 2014.
  • Players can currently create items across 17 different item categories in EverQuest, EverQuest II and PlanetSide 2. SOE is adding 18 more categories across all participating Player Studio games in the coming months.
  • In PlanetSide 2 alone, Player Studio items represented more than 10 percent of total in-game item sales in January and February, and 35 percent of all cosmetic item sales.
  • SOE players and creators are already making thousands of dollars in royalties from items they create in the program.

With the launch of Player Studio in Landmark this spring, the program will roll to residents of Canada, France, Germany, and the UK, and is expected to be available in additional countries later this year.

An SOE Station account is required to create items for Player Studio.

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