inFamous: Second Son sequels could take Assassin’s Creed approach with different eras & places, says Fox

By Dave Cook, Monday, 24 March 2014 12:49 GMT

inFamous: Second Son director Nate Fox has responded to the possibility of Sucker Punch simply becoming known as ‘the inFamous studio,’ stressing that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, given that future games could be set anywhere or in any time period.

The chances of us seeing more inFamous games was increased today, as it debuted at top of the UK charts, not to mention this run of middling to high review scores.

Speaking with OPM, Fox said of Sucker Punch becoming pigeon-holed, “That’s a good curse to be saddled with. inFamous is a really broad concept – an everyday person gets powers and decides if they want to use them for good or evil. That could be anybody of any age, any gender, any time, any country. It’s as wide open as superhero fiction.”

On Second Son specifically, he added, “This is Delsin’s story, it’s in a new city with new powers. His journey is the point. Cole’s story was those other games. In the future there could be other inFamous games about completely different characters.”

Come on admit it; you’d like to see superhero ninjas, wouldn’t you?

When the site asked if Fox envisioned an almost Assassin’s Creed approach to the series, he replied, “Yeah, that’s a great example. Those games have that feeling. Spiritually, like Bioshock to Bioshock Infinite, there’s not really a lot of overlap in those games but you can tell they’re the same.”

What do you make of that? Would you like to see inFamous go somewhere completely different?

Like feudal Japan? Hey, if Assassin’s Creed isn’t going to be doing it any time soon…

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