inFamous: Second Son – Welcome to Seattle, destroy Mobile Command Center

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:04 GMT

Destroy the Mobile Command Center, kill the mini-gun agent and grab all the Blast Shards.


As soon as you’ve save Reggie head towards the D.U.P. checkpoint to have your hand scanned. As things begin to go tits up, take out the enemy and find cover. As the D.U.P. soldiers move in make sure you use Smoke Shot and Smoke Dash to get close enough to take them out. Replenish smoke from the vehicles.

Note that Smoke Shot doesn’t have great range so only use it when your crosshairs turn red – if they remain white the enemy is out of shot. Once you’ve defeated the enemy subdue or heal civilians to improve your Karma.

Your target here is the Mobile Command Center but if you approach on foot you’ll walk into a full-on fight. It’s marked on the map as a star and square but find a vent nearby that will get you to the rooftops. This will give you a height advantage and you can refuel smoke from the chimneys.

Close to the Mobile Command Center are two buildings that overlook it. These are good spots to pick off soldiers from and you have an unlimited supply of smoke as chimneys reset after a couple of minutes.

with the D.U.P. troops down, subdue anyone who isn’t dead. Near the Command Center you’ll find a cage with Conduit suspects. Set them free. Now shoot the Mobile Command Center panels, and once they are exposed focus on them until they turn dark. The main power core is now visible on top, so jump up there and destroy it.

At this point the D.U.P. reinforcements arrive. There are normal troops to take out and also a heavy D.U.P. with a mini-gun. Use the safe tactics as before by getting to the rooftops and shooting down. Take out the regular forces and leave the mini-gun agent until last. Once he’s down you have a small window of opportunity to finish him off, otherwise he gets back up. once he’s down for good try and absorb his

Destroying the core will cause backup to arrive. Along with some regular D.U.P. forces there’s also a big D.U.P. agent with what appears to be a mini-gun. Use the vents to get back to the rooftops where you can avoid his attacks. Top off your Smoke and then focus on taking out the regular D.U.P. forces, leaving the big guy for the end.

When the final agent is down, approach him and finish him off. If you wait too long he’ll get back up and you’ll have to defeat him one more time. When he’s down for good, try and absorb his concrete powers to complete the mission.

Now go over the area and grab all the blast shards as you’lluse these to upgrade Delsin’s powers.

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