inFamous: Second Son – Smoke and Mirrors, decide Hank’s fate

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:20 GMT

Track the signal to the docks and finally decide Hank’s fate once and for all.

SeconSonInfamous (3)


This mission directly follows the last, so kill the D.U.P. and get to higher ground using Video Torrent to defeat them.

This mission is now very similar to The Fan. Use the dpad to find the signal and follow Hank, stopping every couple of buildings to make sure you’re on the right path. On your way you’ll hear and explosion – follow the new mark on your map and prepare for a D.U.P. ambush.

You know the drill by now – use higher ground to get the drop on the D.U.P., picking them off as you go. Use Laser Focus and Phosphor Beam to take care of the big guys.

Once they’re dealt with them get out the phone and track Hank. Listening in to his conversation you’ll see the next objective pop up. Go to the top of the building and defeat the D.U.P. agents and the helicopter.

Track Hank again with your phone and you might pass through some D.U.P. hotspots, but just keep heading to your objective. When you arrive you have to make a big Good Karma or Bad Karma decision. We’re playing Good, so we chose to spare Hank.

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