inFamous: Second Son – The Visitors, Good Karma & Evil Karma, unlock Sacrifice & Ruthless trophies

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:01 GMT

Time to choose between Good and Evil Karma and unlock the first super powers in this PS4 game.


Following the cutscene help the trapped prisoner, which will trigger another cutscene. Now Delsin has the Smoke Dash power which means he can pass through solid objects. Use it to get through the fallen trees and get to Reggie and move the vehicle of his foot.

Now follow Reggie to the locked gate and use your powers to go through it. Run ahead Smoke Dashing through the vents and you’ll arrive on the roof and fall through a hole in the ceiling. Take the chain and smash through the burning wood.

After a cutscene use the Smoke Dash through the double doors and fight Hank. You can use Smoke Dash to avoid his attacks and counter with some melee attacks of your own. When he escapes, open the door and you’ll meet Augustine.

It’s at this point you have to choose between Good and Evil Karma. In this play through we’re going with Karma (blue) rather than Evil (Red). Good unlocks the Sacrifice trophy and Evil unlocks the Ruthless trophy.

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