inFamous: Second Son – The Test, defeat the D.U.P. agent

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:11 GMT

Take out the auto turrets, make your way across the bridge and take down the huge D.U.P. agent.


Mission 12: The Test

At the start of this mission you will receive Smoke rather than Neon automatically. Go through the shipping containers being careful of the auto turrets. Sneak behind them and smash them from behind or use Smoke Dash to avoid them.

Once you’ve taken care of all the turrets go to the gap in the bridge and the checkpoint. You have to get close in to these turrets so expect to take some damage. You can use the top of the car to replenish your smoke and launch across the gap.

Take down both guards (if you hang onto the ledge you can attack one but he can’t hit you) them prepare to fight four more D.U.P. agents. These guys use concrete shields so you can fight them up close, using Smoke Dash to avoid their hits and countering with melee attacks of your own.

Boss Battle: Defeat the Enormous D.U.P. Agent

You can see the lights here are Neon so that’s the power to use in this fight. There are large rocks structures around the bridge – try and keep one of these between you and the D.U.P. agent. When the enemy throws rocks at you avoid them and counter while he pauses. Phosphor Beams are powerful here.

Don’t bother trying to hit the rocks he throws or his lower half – you need to him him in the head or body. Once you’ve got two or three hits in, take cover behind a stationary rock and let him attack. When he throws both rocks, repeat your attack pattern. It’s important here to be precise and hit him with two or three direct shots rather than unleashing a flurry of shots and hoping for the best.

Once the D.U.P. enemy is down you’re in the Lantern District.

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