inFamous: Second Son – The Return, chase Hank

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:18 GMT

Photograph more evidence, fight the D.U.P. and chase down Hank.



Once you’ve finished talking with Reggie you head over to the tower to check out the explosion. Follow the map and when you arrive Reggie will ask you to take photos of the scene.

Take a photograph of the D.U.P. agent lying on the ground.

Once the photograph has been taken you’ll be attacked by D.U.P. agents. Deal with them and go to the next objective on the map. You’ll have another fight here, and it’s a big one, so use all the relevant powers. Once that’s been taken care of, get your camera out again.

Photograph the files on the ground next to the D.U.P. agent.

Now head to the rooftop to meet with Fetch, as marked on the map. You should have dealt with a lot of DUP agents over time so it shouldn’t take too long to get there, but if it becomes overwhelming, flee instead of fighting.

Once you meet with Fetch go to the Downtown rooftop and see Hank. He doesn’t stick around so you’ll need to destroy the helicopter as it will follow you around. Fortunately Hank stays marked on your map so track him down and the mission ends with a cutscene.

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