inFamous: Second Son – The Fan, destroy the support beams, track the signals

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:12 GMT

Destroy the bridge and battle once again with D.U.P. agents.



The objective you’re after is under the bridge so head there using your map and talk with Eugene. To stop the convoy you’ll need to destroy the support beams – you’re after the small ones not the large beams.

Now head up to the road and use the collapsed section to take cover from the D.U.P. Your Phosphor Beam is handy here to destroy armoured vehicles, then use the debris as cover as you continue to take down the D.U.P. with Neon and Smoke powers. If they use rock shields be patient and wait for a clear shot rather than spamming them with attacks.

Once the bridge is clear and you’ve checked over the bus, have a word with Eugene and get back to high ground. You can press up on the dpad to use the signal tracker and find the right direction when the bar is full. Move from building to building but keep an eye on the signal to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Reaching the destination you can either stay up high to attack the D.U.P. or make use of Good Karma’s Radiant Sweep. If you have Blast Shards you should upgrade Neon to Laser Focus so you can slow down time and be more accurate. Combine Laser Focus and Phosphor Beam and you’ll kick ass in no time.

Search the second bus and you’ll be attacked by three D.U.P. agents. These guys follow you around so use Light Speed to get back to the high ground. Lead these guys from rooftop to rooftop, using Laser Focus to get a few well-aimed shots in before Light Speeding to another building. Remember to use melee attacks if they get too close.

Use your mobile phone and find the last bus. It’s empty when you search it so go back to high ground for the signal of the final objective.

The final location has D.U.P. and angels fighting one another. Pick off the D.U.P. and the angels won’t bother you. once defeated head to the last bus and complete the mission.

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