inFamous: Second Son – Light It Up, Stasis Bubble, Phosphor Beam, Radiant Sweep

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:09 GMT

Earn three more powers – Stasis Bubble, Phosphor Beam and Radiant Sweep as you explore more of the city.


Mission 10: Light It Up

Head across town to the spot marked on your map. Head to the first Core Relay and meet up with Fetch. This is where your choice of Good and Evil Karma comes into play. Now when you press L2 to zoom in on D.U.P. agents you’ll see blue and red targets. Choosing red will kill the targets and choosing blue will subdue them, boosting the relevant Karma choices. If you look at the rooftop over from you, you can practice this new skill.

Now the two D.U.P. agents are taken care of, follow Fetch’s trail of neon. Make your way across the city and you’ll catch up with Fetch fighting drug dealers. Take them out and destroy the next Core Relay to absorb Stasis Bubble. You can now trap enemies in neon.

Again, follow Fetch’s trail to the next Core Relay. Once this one is destroyed you get the Phosphor Beam power, which is ideal for destroying armoured vehicles. Two turn up now, so you can practice on them right here. Follow Fetch’s trail again and you’ll eventually arrive on top of a very tall building.

Help Fetch win the battle and destroy the fourth Core Relay to absorb Radiant Sweep, which you can now use on the last of the D.U.P. agents.

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