inFamous: Second Son – Go Fetch, Neon & Light Speed power, boss battle

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:08 GMT

Chase Fetch, get the Neon, Light Speed and Neon Beam attacks and defeat her in battle.


Get yourself over to Olaf’s and look for Fetch. We ignored the protestors as we’re playing through with Good Karma. Up on the roof behind Olaf is a neon sign. Go up to the boxes behind the sign and press the touchpad.

You now have Neon power. When using Neon press Circle to use the Light Speed power. You can run straight up a wall using Neon if you hold the Circle button.

Continue to chase Fetch’s neon trail until the boss fight begins.

How to Beat the Fetch Boss Battle

Use Light Speed to keep clear of Fetch and move around draining the neon signs in the area. Keep clear of her and absorb as much neon as possible before attacking.

The fight starts once you’ve drained the power from the final sign. Use the Neon Beam attack – it works exactly like Smoke Shot. Keep away from her attacks and return fire where possible. Be patient and take easy shots until you’re knocked her health bar down.

You now have a Karma choice – Good or Bad – and the mission ends.

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