inFamous: Second Son – Flight of Angels, land on shipping containers

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:17 GMT

Battle the D.U.P., release the shipping containers and take down the big agents.

Infamous Second Son


Get Delsin over to the construction site as marked on the map. You’re best combo here will be Laser Focus and Neon Beam, which will make the fight with the Akuran gang easier. Try and land on the parking garage and work your way down to thin out the enemies.

Your end goal is to search the three elevators marked on the map and search them by shooting the boards that cover them. Once the parking lot is cleared and you’ve searched the elevators go back to the roof where the D.U.P. are hassling the suspect Conduits.

The four shipping containers are being flown around by helicopter on a pre-determined path. There’s no time limit, so take your time and land on the container, shooting the anchor to free it. Once all four have been dealt with a fifth will show up – release it for a big battle.

Thin out the D.U.P. as they attack, but be prepared for the bigger enemies who show up soon enough. Just as in The Test level you’ll be fighting D.U.P. agents who hurl rocks at you. Use the pillars as cover and take your time targeting them. Once you’ve done a sufficient job Eugene will turn up and finish the job.

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