inFamous: Second Son – Chasing the Light, all photo locations

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:07 GMT

Investigate the crime scenes and photograph all the evidence in this mission.


Check your map to find the start of this mission and follow the neon trails to the crime scene. You need to take particular shots for this mission but when you use the camera the screen will display the R2 button prompt indicating you’re in the right spot.

First, take a photo of the wound on the victim’s body.

Now take a photo of the victim’s face.

Head over the rooftops to get to the next objective – it’s marked on the map as a magnifying glass. There are lots of D.U.P. agents here so systematically take them down as you have done before, using all the powers available to you. Then drop to the area below and find the victim.

Take a photo of the victim’s face.

Near the crime scene you’ll see a cooler box with an arrow pointing up which contains the victim’s stash. Someone will take a shot at you as you approach it, so give chase to the sniper although you won’t actually be able to catch them. Head back to and take some more photos.

Photograph the sign saying “Brent” on the wall to the left.

Photograph the Jane Eyre book on the ground to the right.

Photograph the ladies boots next to the blue cooler.

Photograph the women’s clothing on the line.

Move forward and you’ll see a board with a face on it by the right of the sign. It lines up with the face on the building below. Take a picture of the two faces connected.

After the interaction with Reggie, head to the next location and Smoke Dash through the gate into Brent’s hideout. You need to take another five photos here.

Photograph the swirl in front of you.

Photograph the word “Brent” at the top of the wall above the swirl.

Photograph the birds on the wall to your left.

Photograph the picture of Brent and the girl on the desk.

Take another picture of the large photo of Brent.

Finally, head over to the other side of the room and photograph the neon art of Brent on the chair. Smoke Dash out of the hideout to complete the mission.

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