inFamous: Second Son – Catching Smoke, Sulfur Bomb, Cinder Missiles, Comet Drop

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:05 GMT

Locate all three Core Relays to unlock three new powers: Sulfur Bomb, Cinder Missiles and Comet Drop.


You’ll need to track down three Core Relays in this mission so that you can upgrade Delsin’s powers. The objectives are marked on your map so pick whichever one you want to tackle first.

Try and use rooftops wherever possible and destroy security cameras and tracker drones on the way, as well as checkpoints and drug dealers. It’s not essential but it makes travel easier as you go and tracker drones have all-important Blast Shards for improving Delsin’s powers.

There’s a Core Relay in a parking lot next to a wall with fish painted on it. Again, it’s surrounded by buildings so get high and pick off the D.U.P. agents with Smoke Shot. There’s also a group of drug dealers on one of the rooftops, so it’s best to take them down first. Use the chimneys to refuel Smoke Shot when you run low.

When the area is clear and you jump down to claim the Sulfur Bomb be prepared for a second attack of agents. These guys are predictable. The Sulfur Bomb is good for incapacitating enemies with a coughing fit – you can then subdue them for Good Karma.

There’s another Core Relay down a dead end. Approach from the rooftops and take out any enemies that are lurking up there, then concentrate on the D.U.P. agents down below. Drop down once the enemies are finished, grab the Core Relay which gives you Cinder Missile, and quickly use Smoke Dash through the nearby vent t avoid a confrontation with the reinforcements.

Cinder Missile is great for destroying buildings and vehicles. To test it, use it on the recently arrived A.P.C. and D.U.P. agents below. You can replenish Cinder Missiles the same way you do with Smoke Shot, using vehicles and chimneys. It’s a powerful weapon, so be careful not to accidently kill civilians if you’re trying to play through with Good Karma.

The final Core Relay is on a rooftop and it’s only guarded by a few enemies. Take them down and absorb the Core Relay for Comet Drop. When in the air you can press Square to slam into the ground and kill enemies – use it from rooftops to surprise D.U.P. agents and combine with Smoke Dash to quickly attack and then get out of the area.

You’ve now finished the mission!

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