Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops – Intel Operative Rescue

By Johnny Cullen
18 March 2014 07:30 GMT

Infiltrate Camp Omega and rescue a very familiar undercover operative with the first our our side ops walkthrough


No sneaking on this mission, soldier. It’s just you and your helicopter going in loud to provide backup support for an undercover MSF soldier embedded within Camp Omega, who’s now in need of an extraction.

The mission begins with you shooting at anything that moves within the fortress as you attempt to make your way to the soldier in need of extracting. As attempts are made to try and find out where your friendly is by the pilot, all you need to do is shoot at the soldiers scrambling about the place.

Eventually, your friend will set off a flare to signal he’s by the east coast of the island. He’s managed to steal one of the enemy’s jeeps but he’s now cornered near the edge of a cliff. Give him support by firing back at the enemies cornering him with your rifle, which also has a grenade launcher: handy when in a tight spot. You can equip it by pressing L2 + triangle together.

Your buddy will then ask you for air support as you escort him to the helipad for extraction. You’ll have soldiers on foot, in watchtowers and jeeps chasing down your friend so keep an eye on your surroundings and switch between the rifle and launcher often.

As you get closer to the helipad, a truck will come out and block your buddy’s path. Keep an eye out for any stray soldiers while your friend backs up his jeep. Take out any soldiers on the way up to the helipad as there’ll be a few along the way just before you get there.

Once you reach the helipad, be on the lookout for manned AAA guns, soldiers with RPGs on watchtowers and soldiers on the ground. Eventually, your friend’s jeep will be taken out of commission and will take no further part in the fighting, but don’t fret yet: he’s still alive.

Once you’ve taken out the final remaining soldiers still within the helipad, the landing zone is cleared. Get out of the helicopter and sprint for your buddy by holding R3.

But don’t pick him up just yet. There’s a reason why there just so happens to be a rocket launcher sitting next to him: an armoured vehicle will enter the battle. Take it out with a few rockets from the launcher and lure it to a set of tanks for that extra kick. Once the tank is destroyed, take out the enemy enforcements that turn up before getting back on the chopper with your undercover buddy.

After you take out the remaining soldiers, there’ll be an enemy helicopter on your tail. Take it down quickly before it shoots you out of the sky.

And then, you’re done and we have a moment with our MSF agent.

He looks familiar. Hey, wait a minute, is that…?


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