Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops – Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Emplacements

By Johnny Cullen
18 March 2014 07:31 GMT

Clear the AA guns and take down a patrolling tank before escaping Camp Omega ahead of an air-raid.


This Side Ops sees Snake having to help prepare for a military raid on Camp Omega by taking out three anti-air emplacements scattered across the island in order to help the operation go by much smoother.

Luckily, the first AA gun is literally right in front of you. Before you rush into it, use your binoculars to scan the area for any guards on patrol so you can keep an eye out for them in case you run into one of them.

As you head towards your first gun, there’ll be a guard standing beside it. Wait until he walks off before going for it. Once there, hold down right on the d-pad to swap out magazines for C4. After that plant your first charge.

However – and this can’t be emphasised enough – don’t blow it up immediately. Wait and bide your time. For now, we move on to the second and third AA guns close to the underground tunnel on the island. You have free reign to choose what order you plant your C4s.

However, you have a problem now: a fighter carrier that forms part of the military raid has been detected and as a result, the island is on full alert status, making the mission just that bit more difficult as more soldiers scattered across the island.

After you’ve planted the first C4, turn right and then go left at the fence covering the building next to the first gun you planted your C4 with. Then head straight for the two guns, which are in close proximity to one another (and again, you can choose what order to plant the C4 in).

Because of the increased alert status, there will be a bigger presence with more guards around the area and especially the AA guns. It’s probably best to use your binoculars to scope the area to take note of how many guards there are in the vicinity.

Even then, there’s a 50-50 chance you’ll be spotted. Regardless of if you’re spotted or not, once you’ve planted the two remaining C4 charges on the last two guns, set off the charges so you have all three done in one foul swoop rather than doing them one-by-one.

You’re not done yet: you have a tank to deal with which is also considered a threat to any incoming helicopters as part of the raid and your extraction.

Head to the enemy encampment you passed on the way to the AA guns near the underground tunnel, and wait for the tank to pass through. You’ll only have two charges to take on the tank after blowing the three AA guns and it takes three charges so it could be worth taking a hit to your overall score for the mission and dying at the reward of having one extra C4 charge.

Once the tank is in range, set a C4 charge on the road. As the tank is passing it, if it hasn’t spotted you yet, blow the charge and get to work setting the other two charges on the side of it.

Once you’ve succeeded, leg it – two non-identified fighter jets have been spotted inbound and are set to bomb the place to kingdom come. Head east of Camp Omega where the old prison campsite is (same one Chico is found in the main Ground Zeroes mission) and down the costal pathway to get to your extraction point and get the hell out.

After seeing the place bombed to hell by the fighter jets, it’s a wrap.

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