Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops – Classified Intel Acquisition

By Johnny Cullen
18 March 2014 07:32 GMT

Meet up with an informant on Camp Omega and go deep into the base to grab hold of important intelligence.


The mission begins with you hidden in the back of an enemy truck entering Camp Omega. Your mission is to contact a deep cover agent posing as a soldier on the base and collect a cassette containing classified intel.

Firstly, bring up your iDROID then go into Mission Info to get a look at the agent you’ll need to meet up with.

You can go around the base at will looking for him, but the easiest way you can meet up with him is through a watchtower next to a tent site by sending a signal from the light.

The truck goes past it just as the mission starts so get out of the truck then head towards the tower. It might be best to take out the two guards walking towards you as they may spot you on the way up to the watchtower. Let them come to you, though, then when you feel they’re close enough, kill them. After that, there’s a shack you can hide their bodies in.

Next, go up the watchtower. There’s a guard up there, but he can be taken out with Close Quarters Combat. After that, send the signal and your guy will be on his way. Wait for him to turn up. Eventually, he will turn up with a guy with him at the campsite that’s overlooked by the tower. Make an ID with your binoculars just to be sure.

Do as you will with the guard who’s accompanying your informant, but don’t kill the informant himself. If you’re struggling to tell the two apart: your guy’s not wearing a hat, the other guard is.

You’ll need to have your double agent in a hold, so pull him into a discreet spot away from any nearby enemies and get him to talk. He’ll tell you the cassette you’re looking for is in the central control tower within the admin building.

The location will be marked out for you so you’ll have no trouble finding it. Head to the helipad and sneak along any cover you find until you spot a red door. Go through the door and keep going down the path you’re on.

Then turn right and climb up onto a ladder to a platform which will take you into the tower. Take out the security camera in the office and grab the tape.

After that, make haste, call in your extraction in a safe Landing zone and get the hell out.

And with that, your mission is finished.

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