Doki-Doki Universe DLC lands tomorrow complete with a new planet pack and more

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 18 March 2014 15:37 GMT

Doki-Doki Universe has a batch of new DLC set for release, HumaNature Studios has announced.

13239759974_bf354492f8_oSlated to go on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, the DLC includes a new Planet Pack with two new story planets PIG PG and Arctic 7, and a new set of summonables and planet decorations.

It also comes with three new themed packs of animating Dekos for Doki-Doki Mail, each with 25 new Dekos called the “Romance Pack”, the “Daily Life Relationship Pack” and the “Vacation Time Holiday Pack”.

The firm has also added 30 new Dekos to the basic free set in the game.

The Deluxe Quiz pack includes: 12 new asteroids with 48 new quiz questions; Quiz Party Mode – new feature allowing you to take a personality quiz from the front menu with up to 8 people.

Now, when players visit your friends’ planets, in addition to seeing their personality report, a full report showing how compatible their personality is with yours will be shown. Players can also leave a “ghost” of themselves behind so players can see who has visited their.

The ghost also leaves a little gift.

You can glean more information on the update through the US PS Blog.

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