Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 8: Huntsman’s Copse

By Staff, Monday, 10 March 2014 12:09 GMT

There are plenty of items here to uncover as you make your way through the woods to the Undead Purgatory.


It’s time to head back to Majula and the building that leads to Heide’s Tower of Flame. Licia will clear the path for the price of 2000 souls – head down it to find a Rouge Water. Continue to the man sitting in the chair and speak with him. He’s not got a lot to say, but it’s nothing to worry about just yet. You can now go ahead into Huntman’s Copse where there’s a bonfire.

Go up the hill and fight the enemy, then get inside the cave, Look out for the green poison that flows down the canyon. Kill the enemy that lurks in the tunnel and carry on until you take the right-hand stairs.

Through the doorway you’ll encounter another enemy, then head along the path to the left. Loook out for ranged attacks and take a look below to see enemies – drop down and take them out, then grab the Bandit’s Knife in the corner, Now deal with the two enemies up the stairs.

You can get to the lower floor by taking the stairs, where you’ll find a Lifegem and a Soul of a Nameless Soldier besides a big hole. Go back up the stairs and use the ladder on the far right. Kill the two Bandits, drop to the area below and grab the Poison Moss and Lifegem.

Again, you need to drop to the area below taking some damage, then up the hill to get back into the building you just left. Go left and go through the door at the end of the path and fight the enemy you encounter, and keep moving to the left. There’s an opening on the right that we’ll come back to later – continue along the path and fight the enemy that attacks as soon as you approach the corner. You’ll find a Cracked Red Eye Orb here.

Head back to the an opening you just ignored and go down the ladder. Go around the corner to the left opposite the tree and you’ll be able to light another bonfire – it’s inside the hole in the wall. Now hit the tree to the left and you’ve connected this location to the starting location.

You need to turn around now and head back to the corner, then follow the path and kill the two enemies and head towards the left of the bridge. As you go to take the Small Orange Burr you’ll be attacked by a Bandit, so brace yourself. There’s also a Large Soul of a Lost Undead here.

go over the bridge to fight another enemy and then drop down on the left. The red object of the top of the trees unleashes poison so try and stay clear of it. There’s a Lifegem under the first tree and an enemy you can sneak up on further down the path, as well as a Aromatic Ooze.

There’s a domed building here, which you should move around to the right. Go inside for a Morning Star and Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Go outside and up the hill to the left where you’ll be attacked by three bandits and a fourth with a bow over to the right. Kill them and head right staying close to the edge. There’s a dome below which you can drop onto for two Poison Moss and Green Blossom, as well as a Soul Speaker. Go towards the opening and drop down.

Go right and back up the hill but this time head straight ahead to another dome near the wall. There’s a Bandit inside – take him down – then lower the bridge using the lever. Head over the bridge and to the left to a smaller bridge. Again, take down the Bandit and go to the right, kill another Bandit but be careful of the ranged attacks from across the map. You’ll have to fight another two Bandits too.

There’s an opening to the left but you can ignore that as well as the wooden bridge. Instead, kill the remaining Bandits then head to the dome on the left. Yep, there’s another Bandit but also an Undead Lockaway Key. You’ll face another Bandit when you cross to the other dome and an invader, Roenna Merciless.

Once you’ve dealt with those two, turn back on yourself and over the wooden bridge you passed. You’ll be attacked by two skeletons – take them down – go to the opening on the right. A word of warning about skeletons: they don’t stay dead and have a tendency to get back up after you think you’ve dealt with them. Inside the opening you’ll come across a Magic Mace and Titanite Shard next to another Skeleton. Don’t touch that vase next to the items as it contains poison. Head down the corridor and you’re back at the small bridge.

With the Undead Lockaway Key you can open the dome-like structure on your left and light the bonfire. Speak to Creighton and he’ll teach you a new gesture, then go back over the big bridge and down the hill to the left. If you go past the dome you went inside previously and the poison tree, there’s another small bridge on the left – cross it.

Fight the three enemies that attack and go up the hill to the left but don’t bother with the left-hand path at the top of the hill just yet. Fight the enemy and grab the Notched Whip. Now you can go down the left-hand path.

Brace yourself and take your time moving through the next section. If you rush you’ll be ambushed by four Bandits. Step forward slowly until one spots you then shift back to fight it without drawing the attention of the others. Keep doing this and you should be able to engage in a fairer fight.

Be warned that if you go underneath the wooden bridge here for the items you won’t be able to get back up unless you have a Homeward Bone. Otherwise it’s time to go over the bridge towards the Undead Purgatory and the Executioners Chariot boss battle.

Carefully drop down the first hole and jump across to the platform to get a Pharros’ Lockstone and a Token of Fidelity.

Next, drop down between the two ledges and jump across to the cave. At the end of the path you can find a Monastery Charm and a Soul of a Proud Knight. Drop all the way down and fight the enemy below. In the coffer you‘ll find Richard’s Rapier. Again, you have to get back to a bonfire using a Homeward Bone if you have one, then cross the bridge again to go to the Undead Purgatory.

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