Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 4: No-Man’s Wharf

By Staff, Monday, 10 March 2014 12:05 GMT

We teach you how to avoid the monsters, summon the ship and fight the boss battle with the Flexile Sentry.


One thing you should know about this area – all the enemies are tough but you can weaken them with a Pharros’ Lockstone.

Firstly you’ll have to avoid the archer across the sea, who will constanlty fire arrows in your direction. Go down the stairs to the left and kill the enemy, then head over the small wooden ship. There’s a room on the left with two enemies, so take them down too. Now head up the stairs and you’ll find a Titanite Shard in a chest.

Go through the doorway and kill the enemy outside. This type of enemy uses the Estus Flask to regain health if you give him space to do so, so stay close and don’t let up ragging on him. There’s a Soul of a Proud Knight at the end of the platform. Go back downstairs and through the doorway and head left. Fight two more enemies then head left again. Drop into the water and pick up a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and a Lifegem.

Follow the wooden path and kill the enemy then go to the house on the left and kill the enemy inside. There are three Dark Pine Resins inside the house. Leave and head left into a building that looks quite dilapidated. Smash the crates in the corner and you’ll bag yourself 10 Iron Arrows.

Leave that building and go right where there are several enemies at the top of the stairs. Don’t fight them, but instead walk halfway up the steps and head right to fight two soldiers, then get inside the garrison.

There are three enemies to deal with on the ground floor and you’ll find a coffer to the left with Bandit Axe, Brigand Hood, Brigand Armour, Brigand Gauntlets, and Brigand Trousers in it. Now head to the second floor to take down two more enemies. In the chest you’ll net Repair Powder and a Titanite Shard.

Now head back downstairs and out the door. On the ground by the edge of the cliff you’ll see a face, so insert a Pharros’ Lockstone in to light the place up. That should weaken the beasts in this area and prevent them from moving around freely. Head forward and down a small wooden ramp to the left and you’ll come across a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and three Small Smooth and Silky Stones.

Now you need to drop to the ledge below and go up the stairs to the far right. Don’t take these enemies on head-on, instead head into the building on the left and use the stairs there to reach the top. Take out the one enemy on its own, then move through the doorway into the building across from you. Take down the other enemy there, then go to the edge of the doorway and wait for the other enemy to spot you. Lure him into the building and fight him there.

That just leaves one soldier and his dog. If you’ve got a ranged weapon you can kill them from the safety of the building. Go left up the stairs and around a corner and you’ll come face to face with three beasts. If you illuminated the area with the Pharros’ Lockstone (you did, right?) you’ll find it easy. If you didn’t you’ll have to fight them, but you can keep nipping down the stairs to top up your health as they won’t follow.

Sitting on the edge of the cliff is a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and an Emit Force. Head into the building ahead and get a ranged weapon ready. Open the door on the left and you’ll see two beasts but they’re too big to come through the door and it takes them a while to break down the wall. Go crazy with your ranged weapon and get as many hits in as you can.

Head to the room next door and there’s a third room at the top of the stairs. Go up and fight another two beasts and go through the door to speak with Gavlan in the corner. He has poison weapons for sale and other goods, and you can sell off some of the items in your own inventory. Help yourself to the contents of two chests, although the one on the right is trapped with poison so have medicine ready. Inside you’ll find a pair of Silver Talisman and a Greatsword.

Head back downstairs and outside and go left into the next building. There’s an enemy on the bottom floor – teach him a lesson – then go upstairs for another fight. Out on the balcony, go up the stairs to the left and pul the lever on the platform. This will summon the ship. There are two Lifegems and a Homeward Bone just below you.

Go back inside the house and down the stairs. There are 10 Fire Arrows in the middle of the stairs and two demonic beasts on the floor below. Again, use ranged attacks to stop them from teaming up on you, and when they get too close finish them off with melee attacks.

There’s a door in the corner – head through that and to the right and down the rocky ramp. Now, we recommend cleaning up a little here. In the house on the right there is a guard upstairs. Finish him off and go to the third floor and through a short hallway. There’s a rope – pull it – and you’ve connected the previous area to this one.

Now it’s okay to return to the rocky ramp and down the stairs. In the building to the left you’ll find two more demonic beasts. Head down the path and you’ll pick up a Human Effigy and two Lifegems on the row boat. Follow the pier to the right but watch out for the two guards hiding below.

Carry along the pier as it turns to the left, then up the stairs and speak with Carhillion. If you’re a magic user Carhillion is useful, if not, he’s not a lot of good to you. Now head back to the pier and veer right towards the ship.

As you set foot on the ship be sure to take down the archer on the left . Two guards will come running from the other side of the ship. Kill them both and the remaining archer near the wheel. Head back to the ship deck and through the doorway. Go down the stairs and through the mist for another boss battle.

Boss Battle: Flexile Sentry
Reward: Flexile Sentry Soul

There are three techniques to taking down the Flexile Sentry. Firstly, get a weapon equipped that can be used at a distance. The second is to use the mast in the middle of the room to stop him from getting too close with jumping attacks.

But the most important thing in this battle is to take on the Flexile Sentry quickly as the room is filling with water. The higher the water level becomes, the tougher the battle as it becomes really hard to evade attacks.

The Sentry has too different attacks. One side attacks with two clubs with spikes on them, while the other uses two swords. Both are long-range attacks but they come less frequently from the clubbed side. If you work the room to stay close to the club side it’s an easier fight.

Make sure you use the mast as a barrier to stop any long-range attacks from the Sentry. It will attack with one horizontal attack or two vertical, and it can follow those with an extra double club attack. Following that attack take full advantage and counter with as many attacks of your own as you can fit in. Remember: speed is essential here. The Sentry hardly ever uses one single attack so always be prepared for at least two strikes before you begin to counter. If you’re too close to the Sentry you’ll trigger a third attack.

When the Sentry is dead, go through the doorway and up the ladder. You’ll find a coffer with a Pyromancy Flame and a Fireball. Examine the circular object in the far corner to watch a cut-scene. Now head down the pier and to the left, through the corridor and into the room.

Get in the lift and go to the floor up, and in the middle cell you’ll find a Soul of a Proud Knight and a Radiant Lifegem. To enter the Lost Bastille, go through the doorway and up the stairs.

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