Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 17: Harvest Valley to Earthen Peak

By Staff, Monday, 10 March 2014 12:18 GMT

Head through the Harvest Valley to find Earthen Peak and the Iron Keep.


Go into the cave on the right but be warned the area is full of poison so come prepared. Speak to Chloanne then head down the path to the left.

To the left of the poison mist is a Lifegem. Drop down on the right and across the mist to grab the Fading Soul and Titanite Shard. Head to the stone ramp and if any enemies follow fight them when you’re out the way of the poison.

Take the torch and go down the path to the first ramp, climbing the ladder to find 10 Hexing Urns. Climb down to fight the enemies – strafe them and attack after they try their projectile attack.

Now go back up the ramp to the middle section and climb the second ladder. Kill the two enemies and pull the lever to raise the gate below. Through the gate you’ll find a side tunnel to the right and another bonfire. Light the fire and go down the main tunnel.

There’s a chest down the path on the left but you’ll need to clear the poison first. Go right and over the bridge and fight the enemies as you make your way to the wooden path heading towards the windmill.

Watch out for the enemy in the room at the top of the wooden path. Go down the path to the left and into the cave on the right. The enemy here needs to be killed be be careful as he’s tough – block attacks then hit once or twice before blocking again. Once he’s dealt with go upstairs kneel in front of the armour to earn the Praise The Sun gesture.

No go back to the room you passed before and wait at the doorway for the enemy to come out. Don’t hit the pots in the room as they are poisonous. Once the enemy is killed go left to the tunnel where you’ll fight two more enemies. Climb the ladder and you’ll be in the room you just left, but on the other side of the poisonous pots. Go through the doorway and you’re on the way to Earthen Peak.

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