inFamous: Second Son pad layout reveals ‘Karmic Powers’ button, dev explains system

By Dave Cook, Friday, 7 March 2014 08:58 GMT

inFamous: Second Son’s button configuration has been revealed, and while that sounds like the most boring thing on the face of this Earth – hyperbole maybe? – there’s a button labelled ‘Karmic Powers’ that developer Sucker Punch has explained in some detail.

It follows confirmation that beyond inFamous: Second Son DLC Cole’s Legacy, Sucker Punch is now working on post-launch content that will launch in a few months.

Now, DualShockers has posted this watermarked image of the game’s DualShock 4 configuration.

During an IGN livestream, studio co-founder Chris Zimmerman explained that Delsin has more powers than the smoke and neon abilities that have been revealed so far, and while that’s hardly news, he did tease, “we took three games, four games, five games worth of powers.”

He added that the key to using powers was precision, and reducing collateral damage to the city and its inhabitants as much as possible. One example cited by DualShockers sees Delsin zooming in on L2 to fire off a precise smoke shot that restricts enemies, rather than killing them. Depending on which shot type you choose, you’ll fill up what he called a ‘bomb’ gauge that – once you fill up six segments – allows Delsin to pull off his earth-shattering Karma Bomb move.

It seems that the inFamous: Second Son karma system is more than just binary choices, but macro decisions like the shot types above. The depth of the format remains to be seen of course, but we’ll know all come March 21 when it hits PS4.

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