Thief Walkthrough – Client Job 3: Silence is Golden

By Matt Martin
3 March 2014 10:12 GMT

Want to Steal the Automaton’s Voice Box and complete all four Thieving Challenges? Read on…


You’ll need to bring lots of Broadhead Arrows for this job, as well as your A game. Garret has to Headshot 3 Threats, use one Environmental Exploit and Remain Undetected while stealing the Automaton’s Voice Box.

Thieving Challenges

• Remain Undetected – 350 G
• 1 Environmental Exploit – 100 G
• Headshot 3 Threats – 85 G
• Lift All Loot Items – 215 G

You must complete Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets to unlock this client job from Ector.

Objective 1: Steal the Automaton’s Voice Box

You won’t be able to complete the Thieving Challenges without hurting somebody in this, so don’t be a hippy. Remember your actions in Client Jobs has no effect on the Moral Victory trophy/achievement.

Climb up onto the balcony and listen in to the conversation between Perry and his guard. Wait for Perry to move inside and then take out the guard with a Broadhead Arrow headshot. Take out the pesky caged dog with another arrow and then shoot down the suspended crate overhead, unlocking the Environmental Exploit Thieving Challenge. If you don’t take the dog out first you’ll fail the Remain Undetected challenge.

Jump down, loot the surrounding area and drop into the basement. Use Focus to see the basement is trapped. Loot away, but don’t go near the locked chest at this point.

Head half way up the stairs and you’ll see two guards talking. When one walks away, take out the other with a Broadhead Arrow headshot and quickly turn the lights out in the room (the switch is on the right hand side of the wall). When the second guard comes back, hit him with another headshot and you’ll complete the Headshot 3 Threats challenge. It’s tricky, but worth it.

Now you want to head upstairs to Perry’s residence where you’ll find him snoozing in his chair. Don’t move on before knocking him out though, just to be on the safe side. Use your wire cutter to hack the control box on the bedroom wall and loot the room. You’ll find Whiteridge’s Duty (3/6) – The Observant Lady in a drawer. Now head back to the basement.

Ransack the shop to find The Court of Montonessi (7/12) – The Grace of Insecurity on the wall and do over the wall safe to complete your objective of stealing Client Loot (6/8) – The Voice Box.

Objective 2: Escape the Pawnshop

Once you’re happy you’ve looted the lot, head back the same way you came, climbing onto the crates. You have now completed Silence is Golden!

Thief walkthrough – complete all Client Jobs, unlock Working Overtime & solve all puzzles.

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